We work together with some well-known partners and serve you the best catering for

  • Receptions: offer your visitor drinks or invite them to a stylish reception with cocktails.
  • Lunches and dinners: find your choice in our daily dishes, a sandwich lunch or a dinner prepared by a top chef from Ghent or one of the Flemish Foodies.
  • Breakfast coffee or coffee break: people always enjoy being welcomed with a small, delicious breakfast and or taking a break with a tasty cup of coffee. You only have to ask and we will perfectly prepare it.

Audio-visual support

A successful conference or event depends on the perfect audio-visual support. This is behind-the-scenes work, which your guests will only notice if something goes wrong.That is why we make sure that nothing goes wrong, working together with professional partners who provide the following systems:

  • Sound systems
  • Presentation equipment
  • Equipment and cabins for translating/interpreting
  • Voting systems for active audience participation
  • Atmospheric lighting in the cloisters, of the art treasures, the historic heritage, etc.

Hotel reservations

Ghent is a busy city for conferences and quite often the most comfortable hotels are booked long in advance. Thanks to our excellent relationships with the major hotels in Ghent, we can ensure that you will get priority. This way your guests will stay in hotels that are within walking distance from the monastery.


Do you need to book or rebook your train or airplane? Do you need a taxi to take you to the train station? Would you like to visit Ghent by boat? We can organise it for you.

Recreational programmes

Ghent is a vibrant, lively city with a rich heritage and a promising future. Let your guests discover our city:

  • A boat trip through the historic centre
  • A thematic guided tour
  • A visit to the dynamic Port of Ghent
  • A guided tour of one of the famous museums

Ghent is also close to many other interesting cities. Why not visit those jewels? We suggest:

  • Bruges: Venice of the North
  • Antwerp: a cosmopolitan city
  • Ypres: destroyed in World War I and rebuilt completely
  • Brussels: home to many international institutions


Would you like to give your event a personal touch? We can take care of it.

  • Design furniture for dinners and receptions
  • Additional lighting effects on the stained glass windows, in the corridors or in the garden
  • Flowers and plants