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Thagaste has everything to offer you a perfect meeting place for all your events. You can find the monastery in the centre of the city, less than 5 minutes’ walk from the Korenmarkt, the Cathedral, the UNESCO-protected Graslei, and the Belfry.

Thagaste is located in a unique monastery where monks still live and work. The beautifully restored inner courtyard at the heart of the monastery is a true oasis of peace. You also can use this courtyard to organise a sparkling reception where your guests can stroll along the perfectly pruned boxwood hedges.

Thagaste is more than just an event area. The monastery is also known for its unique and rich heritage. You will discover monumental paintings in the cloisters, and each conference room is decorated with artwork, gathered during the rich and long history of the monastery.

The monastery also owns a beautiful, historic library. And last but not least, there is the St. Stephen’s parish church with its monumental Baroque organ built in 1873 by Jean-Philippe Forrest.

Why the name "Thagaste"?

Augustine of Hippo was born in the city of Thagaste, now Souk Ahras, Algeria, in 354. After his studies and his journey to Italy, Augustine returned to Thagaste in 388, where he started a monastic project with friends in his family’s home. He divided his time during this contemplative period between praying, manual labour and studying. Talking and debating was the most important form of communication during that time. He only stayed four years in his hometown once he became bishop in Hippo (now the city of Annaba in Algeria).


In the monastery, you will discover an extraordinary historic Rococo library. The walls are occupied by high wooden bookshelves filled with thousands of books. This impressive collection includes several first editions. The high ceilings are covered with paintings done by Philippe Charles Marissal (1698 - 1770), a painter from Ghent. They show images of the seven liberal classic arts. Unfortunately, the ceilings were damaged during a fire.


Before entering the inner courtyard, you walk through the wide and impressive cloisters. You can feel the history and enjoy the monumental paintings here.The cloisters are a perfect place for organising a reception or a dinner. They are also an exceptional place for a breakfast, a coffee break or a sandwich lunch at noon.

St. Stephen’s Church

St. Stephen’s Parish Church is part of the monastery. This church is known for the two Baroque organs.The first and oldest organ was built in 1873 by Jean-Philippe Forest. The second organ, a Flentrop organ, was built in 1962 for a church in Enschede (the Netherlands). When this church closed, the organ moved to Brussels, where the famous organist Pierre Cochereau from Notre Dame of Paris played on the instrument.The presence of these two organs makes St. Stephen’s church the perfect place for concerts. You can also certainly combine a concert with a reception in the monastery. And take the time to enjoy a delicious glass of blond, dark or grand cru Augustijn beer.

Meeting rooms

Small and large meeting rooms are located around the cloisters. Each room has its own character and can be used for different purposes. You can use them as a conference room or as a meeting room in which you also can give a presentation or training sessions. You can also enjoy an outstanding standing buffet or delicious lunch in our meeting rooms. The possibilities are endless!

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